The California Dream (2014)



Virtual reality video game


Idea and concept, game design, asset design, script writing



»The California Dream« is an interactive media installation which puts the viewer in a virtual image space.


By wearing the virtual-reality device »Oculus Rift« the wearer's head movements like rotation and slope are being detected, transformed into information by a connected computer and projected on to the device's eyeglass lenses. This results in the impression that the observer actually moves through a three-dimensional space in real-time.


The virtual space is experienced through the eyes of an unnamed detective who's working on a murder case in the late 1950's Hollywood. In order to solve the case he is to explore various virtual crime scenes and collect missing evidence. I intentionally decided to leave out all unnecessary info such as the HUD to maximize the immersion and leave the player with nothing but the protagonist's inner voice. Listening to the detective's thoughts and exploring the crimes scenes are the only hints the player gets.


This video only shows the first level of three.